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Obituaries are an important newspaper notice for friends and relatives of a loved one who has passed on, and for family historians.


Obituaries are mini biographies that form a memorial tribute to a person's life.


Obituaries often identify relationships of the deceased as sibling, child, grandparent, parent etc., to numerous other individuals.


Obituaries may even suggest other documentation of an individual's death - church or cemetery records (by identifying the place of burial or the officiating minister); a death certificate in another county because the hospital was located there;  or records of a coroner's inquest because the death was sudden or unexpected.


In conducting research, it is necessary to search the files of all likely newspapers. It is impossible to know which, if any, newspaper is going to have the most complete or best obituary. Most cities have more than one newspaper and an obituary for a specific individual can appear in more than one place.


Vital Records play an important part in documenting a loved one or ancestors life. Information on how to obtain birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates can be found here


This site contains over 4,200 pages enabling access to more than 25 million obituaries. Obituary and death indexes are browsable by state, county and city.  Follow us on Twitter to view regular updates about additions to the indexes on this site.

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